Cunning Linguist Post – Mistress Velvet

There’s nothing more provocative or erotic than the written word – I love reading erotica via blogs and viewing erotic imagery via tumbler. I don’t mean porn, although some would argue that it’s soft porn – I’m talking beautifully shot images, artistic and classy. People openly share content that turns them on, they like to share so that others watch, in that voyeuristic way.

In the spirit of sharing, I would like to introduce you to the fab Mistress Velvet, writer, poet and reviewer – who’s kindly agreed to share a poem via Little Shop of Erotic Delight’s Blog.



How many days
Do you think you can last?
How long before
You come back to ask
You ache for me, wanting me
Desire for me whole
Think of me, picture me
Yearning to hold

I love how you crave me
The excitement you feel
I adore that you want me
In front of me kneel

Beg for my passion
Beg to be touched
Not really knowing
That you’d want me this much

Standing before you
As you’re down on your knees
Listening intently
As you beg and you plead

Slowly I lower
To kiss your soft lips
Slowly, sensuously,
Wanting to nip

I know you want me
And you know that too
For now I walk away
My back turned to you

Your kiss is still lingering
Lust flushed face
Carry on walking
I know my place.

For more information about Mistress Velvet – Read her blogfollow her on twitter. Not only is she talented, she’s a really lovely person.
Article: Written by Elizabeth – Poem: Mistress Velvet


Inspired to run a sex business

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I run Little Shop of Erotic Delights – I was invited by writer @mistress_velvet to take the baton in a blog hop. Hopefully you will learn a little more about me and why I decided to leave my marketing business to run an online sex boutique.


It’s only kinky the first time..

Why did you start up Little Shop of Erotic Delights?

As a consumer of romantic and sexual gifts, I found it difficult to find quality or a brand that spoke to me in the marketplace. Some sex shops are very old school and the product is really dated or cheap looking. If I want to buy a sex toy, I want to know it’s the best quality I can afford, it’s body safe and also looks great.

I’d even bought an intimate item for myself on the high street once that was so badly finished, it nicked me in a place you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Apart from London, I couldn’t find quality products with a company that cared about my sexual health as much as I did. So, I only stock body safe products and feel that ethics is an important part of my brand image.

What makes you different from other sex retail businesses?

We don’t drop ship and take a personal approach to customer needs, gift wrapping each item that is purchased as part of the overall service and often offering advice before purchase. Our product line is small because we are choosy about the items we sell – we want our brand experience to extend beyond sales and often write about empowering yourself through adventurous sex in our blog.

We also like to showcase the best of British with brands such as Tallulah Love and Outlandish Creations – Brands that share our own ethos and passion for quality and quirkiness. Why not check us out?

What would you change about the industry?

Sex is an intimate experience and often the products are not reflecting the shift change in customer desires. Packaging design needs a huge overhaul, as I’m from a marketing background myself, I understand the need for a great image. If you’re going to invest your hard earned cash in a sex toy, you want it to look beautiful, not cheap and nasty. We need to start shifting the old image to embrace erotica, rather than sleaze – there’s still a long way to go!. Sex isn’t a dirty shameful experience, it’s a loving and empowering way of connecting deeply with your lover.

Do you have any other interests?

Yes, I love writing. I used to write under an alter ego, I suppose in some way this inspired me to develop my current business idea. In the spirit of having alter ego, I’m very homely too and have quite a passion for baking and cooking. Yes, a Mummy can be both wholesome and a sexual individual in private!!

Now I’m passing the baton on to a great writer @jillyboyd –  I love Jilly’s candid approach to sex writing and think she’s one to watch out for!

Thank you @mistress_velvet or passing me the baton, I felt rather humbled by her invite to participate in this blog roll and look forward to our continuing friendship. I also look forward to seeing Jilly’s own ‘blog hop’ interview.

Keep calm…

Why make Christmas stressful – keep calm, have a Merry Kinkmas!

With only weeks until the mad rush for Christmas shopping, you already know that Santa is going to pass you by, after all you are on his naughty list!

Fear not not – there is an alternative list for lovers and romantics here at Little Shop of Erotic Delights.

If there’s something you’ve been curious about or you just want to re-stock your pleasure hamper, we have a simple solution to drop the biggest, sexiest hints to your better half.

Each of our products has a special button next to it ‘add to wishlist’. You can add infinite amounts of your most desirable lingerie, gift sets or pleasure tools and then email it to your lover. Simple!

Don’t forget, our sex toys are 100% body safe – made from the highest grade medical silicone or non-toxic plastic. You can be assured that your pleasure and sexual health is high on our priority.

Why make Christmas a hotbed of disappointment? – Keep calm and have a Merry Kinkmas with the help of your favourite independent ethical online sexual pleasure boutique.

For more information – Visit

Written by Elizabeth

Little Shop of Erotic Delights

The Menopause and a Hot Flush of Sex


We were asked to write an article about the often overlooked ‘Menopause and Sex’ by wellbeing and fitness expert Tanith Lee, also affectionately known as Mrs Menopause. Tanith is on a mission to empower women with the right information about the menopause and we love empowering women at Little Shop of Erotic Delights.


So often, we’re bombarded with negative medical information about the menopause and it’s content certainly makes me recoil as a sexually adventurous forty ‘something’.

Sure, the menopause messes up our hormones and that includes an effect on our sexual mojo. Including: Vaginal dryness, libido, sleep problems, sweats, body image and ageing. Woah… what a lovely list to begin with!!

Although these things have a huge impact on us emotionally and physically, it needn’t mean the end of a healthy and abundant sex life. It just means we need to navigate around the issues and fit our sex life in around the positive up times.

Many of us may only have mild menopause symptoms, others the whole lot and the lucky ones just sail through it – damn them.

The main asset to any woman, peri-menopausal or full flush, is a supportive partner. They need to fully understand how we feel, that doesn’t mean give it to them both barrels mid- flush and in an emotional rant. Pick a moment where you can discuss the new found menopause elephant in the bedroom.

Help them understand, that sometimes you just don’t feel like making love and other times you are as rampant as an alley cat.

Explain how your body changes are making you feel uncomfortable and sometimes unattractive – be open and honest. Communication is your ally. If your partner loves you, they will love all of you. It’s not just YOUR menopause, it affects your partner too, therefore, it’s their responsibility to help and support you through it. A problem shared and all that.

My Story
Mr Delights my partner, compares me to Joan Collins in a recent chocolate bar campaign – we laugh about it. (Humour is a tonic!) I can get a little Diva-ish when my blood sugar is low or I’m tired from a broken sleep pattern.

I began having peri-menopausal problems about 4 years ago, it wasn’t such a big surprise to me, my own Mother was an early starter, as were her sisters. So, when I started have hot flushes like a volcano erupting, I knew exactly what it was.

My emotions can be erratic too, one minute I can be laughing and the next in a puddle of tears. It’s like PMT on steroids.

Sex is also affected – one minute I can’t get enough and then I can’t be bothered. I don’t get caught up in the frequency, I concentrate more on the quality. I actively make time, when it’s my up time and (pardon the pun) I don’t sweat it when I’m off peak.

Women go from having monthly PMT to monstrous menopause in what seems the blink of an eye but it really does not mean the end of something, it means a new chapter begins.

Sex is one way to keep feeling attractive and desirable again – the menopause does not mean the end of being sexy.

So how do you maintain a happy, abundant and healthy sex life balance?

Don’t pressure yourself –
If you aren’t in the mood for a bit of rumpy pumpy that night, have some cuddles with a dvd and a bottle of wine. If it leads to sex… great, if you aren’t in the mood, let your partner know gently and simply re-schedule. ‘NO’ is bound to cause some rejection issues, LATERS BABY is the promise of more to come.

Invest in some gorgeous lingerie –
Bound to make you feel sexy whether sex is on the cards or not. Lingerie is not just for your partner, it will assist in making you feel feminine and desirable. Make every day a sexy lingerie day.

Make a Date Night –
The promise of a regular special seductive night can do wonders for bringing you closer to your partner. Put it in the diary – intent is everything. Get that sexy lingerie on and be the seducer. Take control back from your menopause.

Culinary Foreplay –
Cook some libido enhancing foods – food and diet are key to feeling better and also some pack a punch in the bedroom. Read more about libido enhancing foods here.

Be Playful –
Life is dull without fun – so why not leave a little love note in their lunch box or sexy text them throughout the day. Let them know how much you love them and if you are game on for some bedroom delights, be explicit. Send a few throughout the day and one as they are leaving work. You will definitely be in for some fun when they come through the door.

Create Adventure –
As relationships move on, it can be all too easy to get into a rut. A quick under cover fumble is ok every now and again but it shouldn’t become a habit.

With all the frenzy of 50 shades of Grey, more women are turning to sex toys and role play than ever before. Why not try a little light bondage, a sleep mask and a man’s tie would do the trick. Power play, allow your lover to dominate you or try the reverse. Variety is the spice of life.

PS: Don’t forget lube… lube is the greatest friend of the menopausal sex kitten.

Learn to Love Yourself –
Your body is changing and will continue to do so – work what Mother Nature gave you. Find things you love about your body: boobs? eyes? bum?

Concentrate on the positives and try not to be so hard on yourself. You are beautiful, you are attractive and confidence is the most attractive quality in anyone. Regardless of age or size – you CAN rock that goddess!

Finally –
The menopause is another journey we all need to navigate – being gentle on ourselves will lighten the load. Working with it, instead of fearing it is key – be proud of your journey as a woman, you’ve earned your stripes tiger!

By Elizabeth
Little Shop of Erotic Delights
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For more information about the fabulous Tanith Lee visit:

Shades of Kink

Sales of the latest blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey have outsold Harry Potter and Twilight, it’s now become the fastest selling paper back to exceed the magic one million number. So, what makes this book so special in whetting a woman’s appetite as well as dampening her panties?

Indulge your lover’s fantasy for a return of pleasure

If my recent hospital stay was anything to go by, the nurses were all remarking on ‘that kinky book on all the wards’. The perfect medicine for a speedy recovery it seems.

According to Glamour and GQ magazine survey results, nine out of ten women admit to liking and watching porn. So are British women getting kinkier? The answer is no… and yes. The British are not known to be open about their sexual fantasies and yet, sixty percent of women own a sex toy and admit to spending regularly on their sexual pleasures. If the sex history museums are anything to go by our appetite for porn has been a constant, just accessed in another new way as technology advances.

We’re just shy at coming forward, reserved in that typically British way and if social networks are an accurate measure of reportage, most of our friends are reading about Mr Grey and his red room of pain. Sales in lingerie and sex toys are on the increase – with a nation gripped in recession, it’s certainly wiser and more cost effective to stay in and make a little whoopee. It’s also been rumoured that the book could be responsible for a future baby boom.

Fifty Shades of Grey will continue to be a huge success as it connects with a woman’s psyche. The way to unlock sexual ‘sexcess’ is to get into the mind of a woman, her mind is a maze of sexual desire and fantasy just waiting to be discovered. Often women are afraid to discuss their darker side for fear of ridicule or rejection. So, I encourage you all to dig a little deeper into your lover’s desires for the ultimate delights, who knows they might just surprise you with a whole new alter ego and inject some kink into the bedroom.

Remember… It’s only kinky the first time – “Laters Baby!”

Written by Elizabeth
Little Shop of Erotic Delights

Postcard from Amsterdam

Recently, we planned a trip to Amsterdam. It’s a bustling city tourism day and night and it most definitely has two facades. One side historic, steeped in tradition and laid back – architecturally stunning with it’s canals and merchants building. The other hedonistic – a red light district bustling with mostly stag doos, coffee shops, sex shows, red light windows and sex shops.

Once landed we made our way from airport to the station and on to the Dam Square, en route we immediately spotted a sex shop of interest. Drakes is visually eye-catching, with it’s modern facade and brand named merchandise. The shop is beautifully laid out for: lingerie, sex toys and gifts. Although the shop is labelled a gay sex shop, it has something for all sexual preferences – a shop of refined taste, with it’s finger on he pulse of modern appetites.

In contrast to the contemporary sex shops, the red light district is a real mix of straightforward ‘what you see is what you get’ porn and sexual transaction. From the sale of sex, live sex shows and more traditional sex shops, it leaves nothing to the imagination and certainly held no real surprise for me personally. It was everything I expected.

Certainly, you felt safe walking through the canal-ways and the only threat was being run over by the hundreds of bike riders throughout. We had a great adventure in Amsterdam and visited many interesting places, including: Van Gogh Museum, Sex Museum, Red Light District and we also took in a canal ride to see even more of the beautiful merchant architecture. If you wander around on foot, you find some great little shops, cafes and restaurants, every corner has a new surprise.

If you are looking for new adventures, Amsterdam will most certainly deliver on it’s promise – Here are some snapshots that caught our interest, we hope you’ll enjoy our postcards from Amsterdam.

Written by: Elizabeth
Little Shop of Erotic Delights

Well… Life is for trying new experiences afterall!

A typical scene from the City of Amsterdam.

CONDOMERIE – a shop full of a wide variety of condoms. That is dedication!

That certainly takes cherry picking to another level.

We spy an image that inspired a well known brands merchandise.

I spy with my little eye… some vintage porn.

A seat to make your eyes water.

You can see why vintage lingerie is still so popular – classic sexy styling.

We loved the collections of vintage porn, our appetite for erotic imagery hasn’t changed, just new methods.

A condom for all seasons, shapes and sizes.

Cheeky art installation, non?

A kiss is NOT just a kiss!

Gorgeous painted box


New Playthings

We’ve had a busy month at Little Shop of Erotic Delights, so we’re restocking and investing in some new lines for your pleasures – as always our toys are body safe and of luxury quality. Let us introduce some new playthings for you to enjoy…


SIN TATU – PRICE: £24.99

Delightful tattoo inspired traditional style vibrator, befitting any rock Princess with a penchant for ink. 100% phthalate free and waterproof for some splashing good orgasms.

Smooth in it’s sensual form, it rocks a tattoo design – fully waterproof for saucy splashing about in the bath or shower.

Original tattoo art by: Ray Buzzell




Something fab for MISTER, taking pleasure into his own hands… or yours, with Rocks Off Hand Solo masturbater sex toy.

The half open sleeve allows you to maintain a varied grip for your own individual pleasure – made from luxury body safe silicone, this toy should used with a water based lubricant, like Jack Jelly.

Contains the award winning RO-80mm bullet and provides long lasting intense vibration, also removable for buzz free fun. Two sex toys in one handy package.

Fully waterproof to wash with ease or even use in the shower.

Made from Rocks-Off’s own body safe platinum silicone, the inner sleeve contours provide thrilling sensations, whilst the open edge of the Hand Solo means it provides partner friendly fun all the way.




Firm leather luxury heart spanking paddle, for those tantalising moments of hanky spanky.

Bound to tease and leave a lasting impression on your derrière. That rosy glow will not elude you, unleash your kinky side and surrender to some arousing pleasure.




For bondage and fetish lovers, this tape is an essential item – self sticking; it can bond, gag, mummify and tie with its self clinging nature.

Stretch it far and it creates a strong restraint, this bondage tape can be secured directly onto the skin and removed with ease when peeled back.

Rolls are made from PVC, can be re-used and are approx 20 metres long.



LOVERS TENGA (Limited Edition) – £9.99

Crack open the new TENGA Lovers Egg for a mind blowing masturbation eggstravaganza!

Inside the egg you will find a stretchy masturbation sleeve that fits any size. Pour in the pouch of lubricant and delve inside to experience super twisting stimulation. Several sensual raised hearts are positioned vertically from top to bottom, so thrusting towards the end gives you a unique experience you’ll never forget.

A great travel toy, small and discreet enough to pop in your pocket, bag or suitcase.



For more information about Little Shop of Erotic Delights, visit – we are also on twitter and facebook, why not follow us for more updates.

By Elizabeth – Little Shop of Erotic Delights

Best of British – Jubilee Special

Little Shop of Erotic Delights are thrilled to be stockists for Tallulah Love and Outlandish Creations – when we first developed the business the key thing in our mind was luxury and fun gifts, the brands we stock are a feast for the senses. We also felt that we wanted to showcase some of our British Talent amongst our other brands, you will agree that both showcased are quintessentially British in style and quality.

Tallulah Love lingerie

I first met Michelle from Tallulah Love a few years ago at an Entrepreneurs’ Forum event, I knew then she was a star in the making. Not only a great person but hugely talented in creating sexy, sensual lingerie with a vintage twist. So, we were thrilled when she said she would love to supply to our erotic emporium, feeling that our own brand image sat perfectly with her own.

We love the playful SHOW SOME LOVE, with it’s cute sleep mask. A circus inspired range in pink and cyan satin with easy escape tie ribbons and adore the VINTAGE BLUSH collection (below), for those of you that prefer something different to the normal High Street fodder like ourselves, Tallulah Love will always delight!

COMING VERY SOON (End of May), we will be stocking a real show stopper with ‘Goddess of the Unicorns’ – a silk kimono just perfect for lounging, seducing or simply to look stunning. Keep an eye out on twitter and facebook for updates of arrival. If you’ve been looking for something truly breathtaking, this is the one piece you must invest in.



Outlandish Creations

Finding something unique was on the top of our buying list, we not only wanted to showcase the very best in luxury erotic toys but also provide a one-stop-shop for all things adult gift related. We searched to find the cheekiest and most special – we found Outlandish Creations. Artisans in handmade naughty gift wares with the most cheeky and playful double entendres.

Our favourite has to be ‘Nice Tits’ at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking this an innocent vessel with a very English Blue Tit image, this particular small cup and saucer is smile making stuff.

Not forgetting, Cock Stopper. What a beauty!! Small but perfectly formed; the perfect gift for the one who thinks they’ve seen it all or those with the most wicked sense of humour at dinner parties.



If you are looking for stylish, sexy and original gift ideas, Little Shop of Erotic Delights is the one-stop-gift-shop for pleasure seekers and lovers. Why not pop by for a look..?

Written by Elizabeth
Little Shop of Erotic Delights

Sex toy advice for the newbie

We’ve been asked regularly to write an article on choosing your first sex toy – whilst 60 percent of women admit to owning one or thinking about buying more pleasure items, there are still 40 percent of women who haven’t.

From experience, we know this can be down to a number of factors: knowledge, fear or quite plainly not interested from a moral stance. They may also have been bought a toy from a lover that didn’t float their boat because it looked menacing for a first experience.

So, what would a newbie need to consider when choosing a sex toy?

There are a number of issues which we will cover in this article that hopefully will help the inquisitive newbie in their thirst for new adventures:

What kind of pleasure are you looking for?

Toys perform can fulfill number of different sexual tasks, depending on your individual desires. Are you looking for stimulation of the clitoris, g-spot or both?

Not wanting to scare the horses may we suggest for starters, clitoral stimulation – you may already be familiar with bringing yourself to orgasm by your own hand or with the help of a lover. In which case a clit stim toy is a great option for you to start out in your pursuit of pleasure.

Not forgetting a good lubricant, which is also an excellent pleasure item in itself and should always be used for self pleasure and when using a toy. Dry never did anything for anyone and the slippery sensation of a good lube heightens sensation.

Things you may want to consider:

Look and Feel

Size and shape are vital in choosing the right toy for the task. Clitoral toys are less intimidating and tend to look like a discreet massager, pen or stone.

Intensity may also be important, how powerful will the toy be and how noisy? Thankfully these days most good toys are virtually silent. So the neighbours or other people in your household will be unaware of your twilight adventures.

Compact toys are also very portable. Some can be worn, put in a handbag or come with their very own discreet carry pouch.

Does your toy require batteries? Or is it re-chargeable. Both have varying benefits depending on circumstance.


The type of material a toy is made of is not only important for the sensation it gives but is vital to your wellbeing.

Some toys still contain an additive that leaches a toxin into your body and causes hormone disruption – phthalates has previously been used to make rubber jelly-like finishes for a natural feel in toys such as rabbit vibrators.

We suggest only choosing luxury toys made from silicone, metal, safety glass or hard ABS plastic. Little Shop of Erotic Delights only stock body safe toys – we believe that it’s the right thing to do. If we wouldn’t use a certain toy, then we wouldn’t want to sell it to our customers.

Note: A toy made with phthalates will feel jelly-like and smell highly of a chemical, a bit like nail varnish remover or strong pear drops. If you already suspect you have one, we advise using a condom over this toy or better still, replacing it completely to be on the safe side.

The other benefit of choosing a luxury body safe sex toy is that they house deluxe functions often able to multi-task where not possible with a hand or mouth and are made of the highest grade materials, not only for pleasure but for durability.

May we suggest for your new pleasures…



LELO Nea is our finest luxury brand – made of safe ABS plastic, this little love stone will provide you with 5 stimulation modes, from a soft flutter to intense pulsing. All the while, virtually silent. A two hour recharge will provide you with 7 hours of pleasure.


Needing something extra long, for hard to reach areas. The Rocks Off 150 bullet vibrator, in luxury gold metallic finish is pen sized. Perfect when making love with your partner, to stimulate your clitoris and when you want a deeper sensation. 5 speeds and waterproof. Made from safe ABS plastic. Battery operated.


Jimmy Jane’s perfectly portable pocket rocket vibrator is easy to use; twist to operate, use with the lid on for a smooth experience or remove the cap to reveal the nodule end for a completely different sensation.


A discreet, virtually silent, multi-speed bullet vibrator with roll control – round edges make it perfect for both clitoral and nipple stimulation.

Gold in colour and presented in a luxury gift box, it’s perfect for those that like that bit designer bling with their sex toys.

Once graduating from your first adventure… may we suggest:



LELO Gigi has five pre programmed pleasure modes and a virtually silent vibrator engine delivers deep and vibrant sensations with spot on precision. As an expert in her field Gigi will happily assist in revealing the thrills of the elusive G spot anytime, anywhere.



LELO Insignia Soraya has a flexible stimulator that fits your body perfectly and feels moulded especially to please your every contour.

As well as having its own clitoral stimulating bullet part, Soraya also features 6 different settings to ensure you reach your peak and provide variety for your personal play, either solo or with a partner as part of foreplay. Made of body safe ABS plastic & silicone and waterproof.


Vibe Therapy Delight is our traditionally shaped luxury rabbit toy. Easily controlled by the simple to use, touch button display panel, you are sure to find delight in every one of its 7 powerful yet discreet vibrating functions.

Your clitoris is guaranteed to be vibrated to ecstasy every time, stroked and teased by the extra long rabbit ears on the clit stimulator. Made from medical grade silicone.

NOTE: With silicone toys, always use a water based lubricant.

We hope we have given some insightful advice to help in your desire to find the perfect toy experience. Buying a sex toy needn’t be a worrying experience, if you still have any questions on choosing the right sex toy for you or your partner. Contact: and for more information about Little Shop of Erotic Delights visit

We can also be found on facebook and twitter.

Article written by:
Elizabeth – Little Shop of Erotic Delights

A little tease…

Since a life-changing experience or two, it has been my personal mission to experience as much life has to offer as possible. I’m always banging on to other people about trying new things and that is just what I’ve been doing in the last two years.

So, a few weeks ago I thought I would treat Mr Delights to a Burlesque Night. Through my erotic writing, the burlesque community have always been among my own followers, so it was about time to repay the favour.

After adding the gorgeous Constance Peach to my friends list on facebook, I noted she was a performer of some respect and into my events list came an invite to attend Casa Bellini Burlesque at The People’s Theatre in Heaton, Newcastle.



As we entered the event, the beautiful performers were mingling amongst the masses – you can imagine the smiles on people’s faces. Even show goers took the opportunity to dress up in something special; basques a plenty and touch of vintage glam. Clearly this becomes an interactive lifestyle with all the effort people had gone too. A hint of stocking top, glam and playful dresses were just a hint of what was to unfold later.

Bells rang, doors opened and we all shuffled into our seats in near darkness. Mr Delights was like an excited puppy, money well spent in the first instance.

First out was the compare for the evening, BARON BARTHOLOMEW BLACK with all the wit of a young Billy Connolly. Long hair, dapper dress and risque banter playing back and forth with the audience.

The show unfolded with CONSTANCE PEACH as opening act, wearing only feathers and strategically placed signs to cover her assets. As each act came on, I was drawn by the imagination of each act and the attention to detail with hair, costumes and make-up. Subtle mixes of coquettish humour, interplay with the audience – it was certainly something I would recommend to anyone, especially couples.

Although one chap was frogmarched home after being too vocal, I suggest you must be respectful to both the performer and your own partner.

Further acts included: Havannah Hurricane Hurly, Princess Pandora, Penny Sweets, Bettina Spankenhaus, Trixie D.Licious, Aurora Borealiss and Honey Wilde. Each act was unique and delighted the audience in turn.

Burlesque has been on the rise for quite some time, the art of tease is such a beautiful form of entertainment, once only the playground for lusting men. Whilst some men frequent lap dancing bars, you do wonder if they are missing a trick. These ladies certainly give you more bang for your buck and are as glamorous as any movie star with more than the bump and grind of a lap dance. The individual acts are beautifully choreographed with style and wit, perfect and deliciously sexy.

Burlesque is an art that should not be missed, Casa Bellini Burlesque offers a great evening of glamour and entertainment. Casa Bellini Burlesque are offering lessons in burlesque and have regular shows in the North East, although I’m sure locally you will be able to seek out similar where you live.

For more information on Casa Bellini Burlesque visit their facebook page.

Written by Elizabeth
Little Shop of Erotic Delights

Credit: Photography by Sam Corban

Trixie D.Licious

Baron Bartholomew Black

Casa Bellini Burlesque