Inspired to run a sex business

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I run Little Shop of Erotic Delights – I was invited by writer @mistress_velvet to take the baton in a blog hop. Hopefully you will learn a little more about me and why I decided to leave my marketing business to run an online sex boutique.


It’s only kinky the first time..

Why did you start up Little Shop of Erotic Delights?

As a consumer of romantic and sexual gifts, I found it difficult to find quality or a brand that spoke to me in the marketplace. Some sex shops are very old school and the product is really dated or cheap looking. If I want to buy a sex toy, I want to know it’s the best quality I can afford, it’s body safe and also looks great.

I’d even bought an intimate item for myself on the high street once that was so badly finished, it nicked me in a place you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Apart from London, I couldn’t find quality products with a company that cared about my sexual health as much as I did. So, I only stock body safe products and feel that ethics is an important part of my brand image.

What makes you different from other sex retail businesses?

We don’t drop ship and take a personal approach to customer needs, gift wrapping each item that is purchased as part of the overall service and often offering advice before purchase. Our product line is small because we are choosy about the items we sell – we want our brand experience to extend beyond sales and often write about empowering yourself through adventurous sex in our blog.

We also like to showcase the best of British with brands such as Tallulah Love and Outlandish Creations – Brands that share our own ethos and passion for quality and quirkiness. Why not check us out?

What would you change about the industry?

Sex is an intimate experience and often the products are not reflecting the shift change in customer desires. Packaging design needs a huge overhaul, as I’m from a marketing background myself, I understand the need for a great image. If you’re going to invest your hard earned cash in a sex toy, you want it to look beautiful, not cheap and nasty. We need to start shifting the old image to embrace erotica, rather than sleaze – there’s still a long way to go!. Sex isn’t a dirty shameful experience, it’s a loving and empowering way of connecting deeply with your lover.

Do you have any other interests?

Yes, I love writing. I used to write under an alter ego, I suppose in some way this inspired me to develop my current business idea. In the spirit of having alter ego, I’m very homely too and have quite a passion for baking and cooking. Yes, a Mummy can be both wholesome and a sexual individual in private!!

Now I’m passing the baton on to a great writer @jillyboyd –  I love Jilly’s candid approach to sex writing and think she’s one to watch out for!

Thank you @mistress_velvet or passing me the baton, I felt rather humbled by her invite to participate in this blog roll and look forward to our continuing friendship. I also look forward to seeing Jilly’s own ‘blog hop’ interview.

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